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Saint John postcard post card - Indian Town Hill, Saint John, NB
Indian Town Hill, Saint John, NB
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2001 population: 69,661
Statistics Canada)

"The Fundy City," "Loyalist City," "Fog City"

Saint John is a city in Saint John County, in the province of New Brunswick. It is on the Saint John River.

The city was named for the river.

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Former and merged community names include:
· Parrtown
· Lancaster
· Portland
· Carleton
· Parr Town
The city is laid out with a number of dead-end streets that frequently confuse tourists.

Once a shipbuilding center, Saint John continues as a major port. It serves as a shipping point for the region's petroleum, potash, forestry and aquaculture industries, as well as a major for cruise boats.

Ranked No. 3 among Canada's Best Cities for Business, by Canadian Business magazine, Sept-Oct 2005.
Well-known residents have included:
· Louis B. Mayer, filmmaker
· Donald Sutherland, actor
· Walter Pidgeon, actor
Local festivals include:
· Fundy Fog Festival - Aug. 18-19, 2007
· Loyalist Heritage Festival - July 4-7, 2007
Dates often change. Check Saint John web sites and events links in the sections below.
Nearby parks & recreation: Fundy National Park, Rockwood Park, Irving Nature Park
Wildlife: Red Head Marsh

Ferry service to Digby, NS, operates here year-round.
Attractions: Cherry Brook Zoo, Reversing Falls, City Market
Historic sites and museums: Barbour's General Store Museum, Carleton Martello Tower, New Brunswick Museum, Railway Coastal Museum, Jewish Historical Museum, Loyalist House, Hayward China Museum, Saint John Jewish Historical Museum
Colleges and universities: University of New Brunswick - Saint John
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 Cemeteries in Saint John include Loyalist Burying Ground

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Colleges and universities in Saint John include University of New Brunswick - Saint John

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Newspapers in Saint John include Saint John Telegraph-Journal

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