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Orangeville, ON

Contributed by steviela, an ePodunk user.

May 9, 2009

Pluses:  It's still small enough to remain a relatively close community.It's beautiful to walk around town, with lovely big trees, nice carvings and decent sidewalks.It's not too far to commute from .It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hills, trails, farmlands and rivers. A wonderful place to hike, ski, snowshoe, cycle or walk. There are lots of artists here for that reason and some unique shops and restaurants.

Minuses:  Bad urban planning. While the town allows an increase to building new residential develpments it neglects the town infrastructure and public services. While there is Go transit, there is no Go train despite not being very far from Brampton.The Sewage plant is outmoded and cannot keep up with the amount of sewage produced from the town. There is a new median on the main street that seemed to be built without much public consultation because everyone agrees that its an absolute pain. Traffic is continually backed up on Broadway, emergency vehicles cannot reach their destinations because they are constantly blocked on Broadway. No parking in the downtown core or rather not enough. There is also not enough industry in Orangeville to support its local workforce. Most people who live here must commute to Brampton ,Mississauga, Toronto or Newmarket to find jobs.
Most of the industry in Orangeville is retail or service ,not much else. Lack of affordable public housing.

A good place to...  Raise small children but once they are teenagers there isn't much for them to do here nor are there jobs for them.
It's a good place for people to retire however they had better be in good shape as it's difficult to find a doctor here and Orangeville is really quite expensive to live in for a small town. It's a good place to hike, jog, cycle or walk.Fishing is also not bad in the surrounding areas. It's a good place for artists to sketch, paint or photograph or write. It's nice for picnics too.

 Orangeville planners really need to get to know the needs of their residents. This area has a lot of promise and they should really decide if its going to turn into just another outcropping of urban sprawl or turn into something really unique that takes advantage of it's landscape and geography. Orangeville has to make itself more userfriendly for it's population.

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